Technology Platform

Our platform technology is a novel self-healing hydrogel that easily transforms into a liquid, and just as easily transforms back into gel. The hydrogel is stable in neutral pH and remains as gel formation in a wide range of temperatures from 2° C to 80° C. PepGel has developed this technology for use in 3D cell culture, and other uses may include sustained release drug/protein delivery, cell therapy, vaccine, wound healing, cosmetic and orthopedic applications.

Molecular Structure

The PepGel hydrogel is a synthetic peptide-based material with 19 amino acid residues. The primary structure of peptide was rationally designed from the combination of spider silk and trans-membrane segment of human muscle L-type calcium channel. The peptide has great balance of hydrophobic, hydrophilic and charged segments which contribute to the material stability in neutral pH and different temperature.

The magic of self-healing hydrogel

The mechanical strength of the hydrogel presents a special shear-thinning and rapid recovery property, which allows this hydrogel system to be delivered as an injectable material by syringe or pipette multiple times. Other stunning uses include:

Sensor Design Cell Releasing Agent
Changing orientation Novel filtration methods
Use with microscopic probes Imaging Phantoms
Optical Coherence Tomography With/Without nanoparticles
Partial Wave Spectroscopy Photo-acoustic Spectroscopy