Spheroid 3D Protocol Development

3D cell cultures are well known to be more physiologically relevant, and cell spheroids generated within a 3D environment provide a better representation of disease state and drug response. This service uses the patented PepGel 3D cell culture platform to mass produce or expand cell spheroids. Our goal is to help customers developing spheroid culture protocols in PepGel or mass production of spheroids with desired spheroid size (as shown below), allowing them to speed their scientific research or drug discovery.

This image shows Head-Neck cancer cell spheroids in 3D PepGel, and illustrates that Spheroids can be easily harvested from the 3D culture system following the protocols developed from this service.

We offer this new service at $1,000 per cell line, with full satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Please let us know if you have any special needs and we will accommodate you. To submit the service request, please click the following link.

Spheroid 3D Protocol Development Service Request

PGmatrix-Spheroid 3D Culture Using Guide

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