Welcome to PepGel

PepGel is a research and pre-clinical product company focused on delivering the novel capabilities of hydrogel to the life science industry. The company was spun-out of Kansas State University to exploit the platform hydrogel technology. Commercialization of this advanced hydrogel is intended to address unmet needs to advance cell culture life science research and medical applications.
Our products and technical service can potentially add a significant benefit and cost impact to customers.
PepGel is developing standard cell culture systems, as well as applications for stem cell culture, and special high performance cell culture for downstream applications in tissue engineering and organ regeneration, 3D printing and analytical tool development, medical device applications such as a hemostatic agents and tissue regeneration agents, and other hydrogel-based health care imaging and drug delivery opportunities.


We believe that helping others is the best way for us to achieve success. PepGel has an open strategy to build partnerships that pursue mutual business relations, and funding opportunities. We are happy to build relations with research institutes, customers and industry. Please feel free to contact us at info@pepgel.com to propose a new opportunity.