Jan 30 2020

Dr. Annelise Nguyen is the recipient of the 2020 PepGel® Award in Application

PepGel® LLC proudly announces that Dr. Annelise Nguyen is the recipient of the 2020 PepGel® Award in Application. Dr. Nguyen is a Professor of Cancer Pathogenesis and Toxicology in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Texas Tech University (TTU), and was recognized for significant contributions of a highly controllable ex vivo 3D Model mimicking in […]
Jan 15 2020

PepGel to sponsor Disease Modelling session at World Pharma Week

PepGel has officially announced that it will sponsor the session of Disease Modeling – MOVING TOWARDS A 3D PHYSIOLOGICALLY RELEVANT CELLULAR MODEL at The World Pharma Week in Boston, USA, June 2-4, 2020. We look forward to meeting all of our colleagues and customers in Boston in June 2020.
Sep 09 2019

3D Cell Culture Stimulates the Secretion of in vivo Like Extracellular Vesicles

Recently researchers at The University of Kansas (Lawrence, Kansas) demonstrated 3D cell spheroids culture stimulates the secretion of in vivo like extracellular vesicles (EVs or exosomes). The EVs secreted by cancer cell spheroids cultured in 3D PGmatrix hydrogel scaffolding showed about 96% similarity to in vivo circulating EVs derived from cancer patient plasma according to […]
Apr 23 2019

PepGel enters joint venture with Enso Discoveries to form PG Biotech LLC

PepGel has formed a joint-venture company PG-Biotech with Enso Discoveries, LLC. PG-Biotech is a pre-clinical and clinical product company focused on delivering the novel capabilities of PepGel and its hybrids to the life science and medical industries. The company was formed in 2017 as a result of Enso Discoveries, LLC and PepGel, LLC joining forces to better […]
Dec 12 2018

PepGel CEO named fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

Dr Susan Sun, founder and CEO of PepGel, was recently named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, one of 148 renowned academic inventors and innovators to receive such an honour this year. Read more in these press releases: National Academy of Inventors Announces 2018 Fellows National Academy of Inventors names Sun a fellow for […]
Apr 20 2017

PepGel involved in $20 million project for regenerative medicine

PepGel LLC is proudly announcing its involvement in a $20 million project, led by Dr. Anthony Atala, director of Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, to apply advanced manufacturing to regenerative medicine. The goal of this project is to speed up the availability of replacement tissues and organs to patients. One of the key objectives […]
Dec 23 2015

PepGel presents at the Smithsonian Innovation Festival 2015

PepGel was among the companies invited by the The Smithsonian National Museum of American History and the US Patent and Trademark Office to present at the 2015 Innovation Festival in Washington, DC on September 26-27. The Innovation Festival showcases organizations and companies that have made a significant step toward innovation The event returned for the […]
Oct 02 2015

Researchers showcase university invention at Smithsonian Innovation Festival

MANHATTAN — The spark of invention burned brightly for two Kansas State University researchers at the annual Smithsonian Innovation Festival in Washington, D.C. Xiuzhi “Susan” Sun, university distinguished professor of grain science and industry and biological and agricultural engineering, showed her patented PepGel, a biomaterial with special properties, to more than 22,500 festival visitors. T. […]
Jan 18 2015

PepGel chosen one of the 20 most promising biotech providers

PepGel LLC today announced that CIO Review (www.cioreview.com) has chosen PepGel for its “20 Most Promising Biotechnology Solution Providers”. This recognition is based on evaluation of PepGel’s capabilities in providing a transformational new method for 3D Cell Culture. The annual list of companies is selected by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, […]
Nov 19 2014

Patent issued for substance with medical benefits

MANHATTAN — A novel jelly-like substance developed by Kansas State University researchers was recently issued a U.S. patent. The substance may be used for biomedical applications, ranging from cell culture and drug delivery to repairing and replacing tissue, organs and cartilage. U.S. Patent No. 8,835,395, “Novel Protein Peptide Hydrogels,” was awarded to the Kansas State […]

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