PepGel involved in $20 million project for regenerative medicine

April 20, 2017

PepGel LLC is proudly announcing its involvement in a $20 million project, led by Dr. Anthony Atala, director of Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, to apply advanced manufacturing to regenerative medicine. The goal of this project is to speed up the availability of replacement tissues and organs to patients. One of the key objectives is to develop standardized “bioinks” that can be used to print replacement tissues and organs. “PepGel PGbioInk offers enabling technologies of robust bio-ink design and production that are suitable for a variety of cells performance to meet advanced tissue biofabrication via 3D bioprinting techniques, and PepGel has committed to work with this group to advance biofabrication technologies for tissue and organ repair and replacement” said Dr. Sun, president and founder of PepGel LLC ( For more information about this project click the link below,

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