Dr. Annelise Nguyen is the recipient of the 2020 PepGel® Award in Application

January 30, 2020

PepGel® LLC proudly announces that Dr. Annelise Nguyen is the recipient of the 2020 PepGel® Award in Application. Dr. Nguyen is a Professor of Cancer Pathogenesis and Toxicology in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Texas Tech University (TTU), and was recognized for significant contributions of a highly controllable ex vivo 3D Model mimicking in vivo for anticancer drug toxicity screening with PepGel PGmatrix® systems.

Dr. Nguyen was also recently recognized with the prestigious John Doull Award for outstanding contribution in the field of toxicology.

A nationally certified toxicologist, Dr. Nguyen has devoted her career to cancer research and the role of gap junctional intercellular communication, and recently developed in vivo like tumor organoids 3D assay for anticancer drug efficacy and therapeutics.

Dr. Nguyen is currently the Associate Director of the Johnson Cancer Research Center at KSU. She received her bachelor’s degree in molecular and cellular biology and a doctoral degree in toxicology from Texas A&M University, and completed a National Eye Institute postdoctoral fellowship.

Congratulations to Dr. Nguyen for being selected as the 2020 PepGel® Award in Application! For more information about PepGel, visit www.pepgel.com, or send your comments to info@pepgel.com

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